January 7, 2016

Our Food

Where possible Cheese & Peppers avoid mass produced pre-packed mixes. All the sandwich fillings are mixed and made in the kitchen downstairs. We roast our own beef, cook our own bacon and sausages, and bake our own baguettes.

In addition our chef makes pasta sauce the old fashioned way from scratch, which explains why our range of pasta dishes are so popular. He also cooks curries and chillies and the most popular menu item of all – Chicken Escallop. These and the rest of his creations are on display to help you with your decision making when it comes to ordering.

In addition to our regular clientele visiting the cafe we also supply and deliver platters for lunch meetings, breakfast baps and personalised lunch bags. We can adapt our menu to suit your needs. So whatever it is you want or however you want it, please let us know. If it is within our powers, we will do it your way!

Cheese & Peppers
11 Eastcheap
London UK

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