Cheese & Peppers, City of London Cafe, 11 Eastcheap, London UK, EC3M 1BN

Meet Cheese & Peppers people

Welcome to Cheese & Peppers a great cafe in the heart of the City of London.

We have been taking care of hungry city workers and visitors for over 30 years. We are among an ever dwindling number of small privately owned, independent eateries in the square mile, and proud of it. We provide a very large range of hot and cold breakfast and lunch dishes. Join us for the humble (but often much needed) bacon roll or for a full English breakfast. In addition we offer made-to-order cold and hot sandwiches, Baps and Panini. If hot food is your fancy, you can choose from our range of jacket potatoes, Chilli con Carne, curry or indulge in our hearty homemade pasta range.

Toast! Every morning we make an awful lot of toast. We try to serve it just the way you like it, hot with honey, Marmite, jams, peanut butter, Bovril or just with butter. If you hanker after something in particular – just ask!

Our service is fast and a little furious! If you are a regular you will be familiar with the chat and banter. It is all part of our unique service. So, be ready to shout out when it is your turn and you hear that familiar call of ‘next please’. Don’t be put off by the queue. It moves fast! Or by our sometimes brusque attitude, which is often down to us trying to serve multiple customers – at speed.

Our policy has always been to over feed our customers. That is why almost everything we sell here is served in ‘generous’ sized portions. We can always pack what you cannot finish so you can take it away for later.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Tom Roche

Cheese & Peppers
11 Eastcheap
London UK

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